METS-trade Amsterdam 2019

NOV 2019 - Visiting METS Amsterdam is an excellent opportunity to follow up professional meetings from Monaco Yacht Show.

- A big thank you to my wonderful team members. Together we are helping each others to success in the segments of exceptional expedition yachts and very modern motor yachts for the new generation of owners.

Monaco Yacht Show 2019

SEPT 2019 - The organization behind Monaco Yacht Show has done a wonderful job for this year's edition. There has never been a superyacht show with higher quality in terms of visitors and exhibitors than this one. Therefore unique business opportunities, excellent networking and magnificent entertainment in beautiful surroundings!

- In keeping with this lovely tradition, I already looking forward to the next year's edition!

Cruising the Mediterranean

MAY 2019 - There is a great benefit to work independently. For almost a month I brought my satellite office with me from Mallorca to Ibiza, Formentera and Marbella. I visited superyachts, travelled the seas, met wonderful new friends and I kept working on ongoing superyacht projects.

Life is fruitful, enjoyable and beautiful.

Palma Boat Show 2019

MAY 2019 - The summer season is here, therefore it's time to visit Mallorca for Palma Boat Show.

- While the sun was shining from a blue sky, this vibrant occassion offered high quality networks with captains, crew, brokers and potential yacht buyers.

METS-trade Amsterdam 2018

NOV 2018 - Mets trade is the world largest trade show for innovative marine equipments and digital systems. It's also an excellent meeting point for networking with other boating enthusiasts, such as multidisciplinary boat builders and superyacht captains.

- I had a few days of inspiring meetings across Amsterdam and I look forward to stay in touch with everyone !

Monaco Yacht Show 2018

SEPT 2018 - This year I made a 10 years anniversary of visiting the glamorous Monaco Yacht Show. I can't believe how many wonderful and elegant memories the yacht show has brought me over the years.

The edition of 2018 wasn't a disappointment, the show met all the expectations of great friends reunions, exceptional hospitality, but also discussions of new exciting projects.

D'Angleterre Copenhagen

APR 2018 - Due almost every week-end I spend my free time at the timeless hotel of D'Angleterre Copenhagen. No doubtly, luxury comes through the flow of time...

Warm welcome to let me know if You are around! I love multi-cultural networking, so why not catch up then?

Monaco Yacht Show 2017

SEPT 2017 - I had perhaps the most excellent Monaco Yacht Show, ever!

- Thank you everyone for everything!

Regates Royales Cannes 2017

SEPT 2017 - With great friends I joined the timeless and very elegant sailing event in Cannes - Regates Royales.

Barcelona Yacht Charter Show 2017

APR 2017 - For a couple of months I am based in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Therefore it is very suitable to join all great yachting events in this part of Mediterranean, for instance MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona.

Monaco Yacht Show 2016

OCT 2016 - Thank you everyone for great interests, warm generosity and serious networking during MYS 2016!

London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 2016

MAY 2016 - Perhaps the most chilled out luxury show I have been to for awhile.
However, great to catch up with the "superyacht family".

- Let the summer season begin for real!

Monaco Yacht Show 2015

SEPT 2015 - I had 10 fantastic days in Monte Carlo. The Monaco Yacht Show was a bit intense but very lovely days and spectacular evenings with interesting clients and friends.

- The future looks great!

London Yacht Show 2015

APR 2015 - It was my pleasure to stay in London for few days at the 'The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show'.

- A small exclusive show with only the high influence professionals of the superyacht industry being represented.

Monaco Yacht Show 2014

SEPT 2014 - Monaco yacht show was a great success. We're now looking into the future with current and new superyacht commissions.

Moscow Boat Show 2014

MARCH 2014 - Am currently based in Russia in amazingly project developments. It's very inspiring with all impressive architecture, rich culture and generous clients.

Last week, I had the chance to visit the Moscow boat show. It was different and interesting.

Monaco Yacht Show 2013

OCT 2013 - Yet another yearly edition of Monaco yacht show is over. Always nice to meet up with friends in the industry. The French Riviera gave a lot of fresh inspiration.

Gumball 3000 - Copenhagen - Monaco

MAY 2013 - This year Gumball started in my neighborhood in Copenhagen. Fun characters with stunning custom cars. I love this kind personalization of supercars.

Monaco Yacht Show 2012

SEPT 2012 - I had a magnificent Monaco yacht show, it was great to catch up with friends and colleagues. Myself had my own little anniversary as it was my 5th year in Monaco. Time is running fast nowadays.

Cannes Yacht Show 2012

SEPT 2012 - It wasn't my objective to visit Cannes yacht show. But I was in the area, so it was actually great to drop by and say hello to some friends at the show.

Singapore Yacht Show 2012

JUNE 2012 - The Asian part of the Ingemansson team visited the Singapore Yacht Show. Myself came down to Singapore a week after the yacht show ended for meetings with prospective new clients.

Top Marques Monaco 2012

APRIL 2012 - It is the 5th year I attend to the millionaire fair Top Marques Monaco. Very interesting to be updated whats going on in the luxury supercar market. And not too bad to enjoy sweet informal nights in St tropez. A good start of the summer season.

Monaco Yacht Show 2011

SEP 2011 - I arrived one week prior to the show, and left one week after it ended. During the two weeks I was there, I must say that I have never been so booked and busy with serious meetings, both for current projects and new superyacht clients.

The future is looking great, and I just keep following my dreams!

Top Marques Monaco 2011

APRIL 2011 - I visit the Top Marques Monaco, the show that becomes the leading luxury show for supercars. More impressive than Geneva Motor Show or Frankfurt. This year the new Koenigsegg Agera and the new Gemballa Mistrale were best in show, both with incredible good detail work all over the car.

Antibes Yacht Show 2011

APRIL 2011 - I had chance to visit the Antibes yacht show, great relaxed place with good friends and friendly networking.

Miami / Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2010

NOV 2010 - Very interesting to explore the North America largest boat show. A bit more casual than Monaco, but thats how we like it in America.