120m Mariya

Mariya is an ultra-modern yacht design with dynrig sail construction.

The luxury interior is designed to be a magical experience for the owner. Five larger lounge areas are dedicated solely for the owner. Six guests rooms at VIP standards are available with additional guest lounge areas.

The aft part offers a 11m outdoor swimming pool and double jacuzzis. In the front there is a helicopter hangar for a Eurocopter 155. The tender garage is designed to host double 12m limousine tenders, several jet-skis and a submarine.

Project Mariya is a direct response to the increasing demand of eco-conscious yacht designs.

Preliminary Specifications
- Length overall: 120,13m
- Beam: 19,21m
- Draft: 17,53m
- Crew: 40
- Max Speed: 22knots

Builder: To be decided

Idea & Design development by
Dennis Ingemansson 2011 - 2013